Peering Policy

We have an open peering policy. You can peer with us at SwissIX we usualy prefer to get your prefixes over the route servers when possible and traffic levels are low.

We also peer over PNI at the datacentres we are present. Deetails can be found in PeeringDB

For peering requests please contact peering (at) as196621 (dot) net.


BGP Communities

Wet set the following large communities when learning Prefixes. Currently there are not communities to steer traffic within our network.
BGP large communityDescription
196621:3:1Own prefixes
196621:3:2Learnt from a peers
196621:3:3Learnt from a route-server
196621:3:4Learnt from a customer
196621:3:5Learnt from a transit
196621:4:1RPKI valid prefix
196621:4:2RPKI invalid prefix
196621:4:3RPKI unknown prefix